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Thank you

So many people to thank for making this year such a great biking season!

1. All of the riders- it was a pleasure to have you ride with us this year. The improvements in abilities by the end of the season was awesome and even more impressive was the great sportsmanship with each other!

2. Parent volunteers- we couldn't have done it without you❤️

3. Trips and Trails-for donating a bike this year

4. Mack , Jordan and Jasper - who helped us out by providing younger legs for those eager cyclists 

5. Johanna and friends who took diligent attendance so we were sure we didn't lose anyone!

And..,Dr. Griffin and family for the delicious end of year 🍕!

There is still great riding to be had as Fall enjoy and ride on!

Your thankful leaders : Rob, Wes, Greg and Kim

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