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2022 Updated Ride Schedule

Our rides have started and we are slowly gaining momentum this spring! Here are the rides that are currently happening on a weekly basis.

Monday nights - 6pm - Millennium Park

Cadet Ride - Kids and Family mountain bike ride. Meet at Millennium Park. (This ride will occasionally meet at different location. Please check website and Facebook Page for updates)

Thursday nights - 6pm - Various Locations

Mountain Bike Ride - This ride is for adults and is a low intermediate - advanced ride. In order to participate you should be comfortable on singletrack trails and able to climb and descend hills. This ride moves at the pace of the slowest person in the group. We usually rotate locations each week so we can explore different trails and challenges. We will ride roads, dirt roads, doubletrack and singletrack (sometimes even no track!) depending on the location. Climbing is inevitable and depending on the location there will be some (and possibly many) technical sections. If you're not sure you fit with this group please reach out to us for more information.

Gravel Bike Ride - This ride is also for adults and is considered a beginner to low intermediate ride. The emphasis here is on fun and skill development. Riders will be riding either gravel bikes or mountain bikes to explore dirt roads or doubletrack trails. Some pavement riding on quieter roads will likely be incorporated as well. It's Bancroft so there are hills to climb, but not as many or as steep as the Mountain Bike Ride group will tackle.

These two Thursday night rides usually begin and end at the same location, sometimes there is a social gathering after to share some stories and snacks.

Other Rides

Road Rides - We have traditionally offered a weekend (often Saturday mornings) road ride and are awaiting more details on when that group may start riding together. Stay tuned!

Intro to Cycling - There has been some interest in a ride that is for easy riders or beginners. This type of ride would try to avoid the rough stuff and find quiet roads with fewer hills to develop skills like braking and utilizing different gears. Check in with us via Email for updates.


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